smart problem solving

Here you will find some smart, easy and not so easy problem solving suggestions.

I must admit that over last three years I have been reading books I usually try to avoid – self learning books about life like for example “100 ways to motivate yourself” by Steve Chandler and others like “7 habits of highly effective people” and couple of more.

Here are some short notes that I took for myself but I thought to save your time and share them with you. Enjoy, comment and use if you think they might help you. Signe (19.04.2010.)

Breath deep – oxygen for your brain!

Just by doing something something can be done!

Rituals have always been stronger than our natural willingness to be lazy, they motivate us and give a possibilty to control and predict. I personally have a couple of morning rituals that help me to organize myself for the day and sometimes simply to get up and get going.

I take a cup of black tea or peppermint tea;

I smoke one cigarette (very bad habit and will change soon) while listening to the radio morning shows that are fun;

I go running or if not in the mood then just take a quick walk,;

I eat reasonable breakfast while reading some analytical articles or if not in the mood just women magazines;

I always find something nice to wear – it lifts me up and makes me feel good!

Always keep thinking that things you have to do are easy and it will be so. Sounds too simple to be true and also difficult to perform when for example you are faced with real tragic things or things that are not yeasy period. Take for example – you have to fire somebody who is a very good expert and an excellent asset… That of course if you care is a very difficult task. And I hardly see how you could think about it as an easy one. But take another example – you have a Phd to do. Also quite a Thing! and there is nobody who will say it is easy, but in the meantime you can think of it as a set of tasks – reading, researching, analyzing, organizing data, giving lectures, writing articles, doing presentations etc. and each of them actually is easy. Of course you need commitment and knowledge and also good advise, but at the end of the day they are not extra difficult tasks.

Nothing makes us more tired than dragging un-finished tasks.

H.Ford said that if you will not think about your future you will not have it. Sounds very simple but as simple as it sounds it also sounds true. Visualization has proven to be a very strong element for me to make my dreams and hopes come true.

to be continued…

One thought on “smart problem solving

  1. Paula Swenson

    Hi Signe — thanks for stopping by my blog . . . it looks to me like we have even more in common than Tunisia . . . ( you might want to look at my website I’d love to meet in face-to-face — you can email me directly via my website 🙂 let’s talk!! ~Paula in Sousse

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