This is the list of books I am reading right now (last updated: 10.02.2014):

Mitch Albom “The Five People You Meet in Heaven”

Clive Barker “Imajica”

“The Plot Thickens” by Noah Lukerman – excellent/helpful and easy to ready help book about writing – I am really enjoying and learning a lot!

“Great Expectations” Charles Dickens – my first novel that I am reading as an e-book

Peter COLES “Einstein and the Birth of Big Science” (in English)

AND  just finished ones (last updated: 10.02.2014):

Edith Wharton, “The House of Mirth” Number of likes: @@@@@

Henry James, “The Europeans” (1878) – “This light-hearted masterpiece tells of the influence Eugenia and her brother Felix exert on their Bostonian cousins when they visit the New World.” Number of likes: @@@@@

Honore de Balzac, “Eugenie Grandet” (1833) Number of likes: @@@@

Tom Clancy, “Games of State” (1996) – passionate and with lots of action, reassuring that good ones win at the end and there is some closure. Number of likes: @@@

Chuck Palahniuk, “Invisible Monsters” (1999) – totally suggest to read if possible in english – very surprising / fun / philosophical at the same time. Number of likes: @@@@

K. POPPER, K. LORENZ “Die Zukunft ist offen” (in Latvian). Number of likes: @@@@

Wang GANG “English” (in French translated form Chinese) – I could even say that this one is an amazing “chinese version” of Petit Nicolas but of course totally something else 🙂 Number of likes: @@@

Gors VIDALS “Vašingtona, Kolumbijas apgabals” (in Latvian – novel about American politics printed in Soviet Latvia in 1971!) Number of likes: @@

V.S. Naipaul “Magic Seeds” (2004) –  novel that follows “Half a Life” (2001) that I finished reading last month and immediately went to look for this continuation that is absolutelly great! Will finish and then promise one day to write my review about both. Number of likes: @@@@@

Thor HEYERDAHL “Green was Earth on the Seventh Day: Memories and Journeys of a Lifetime (1996) Number of likes: @@@@@

V.S.Naipaul “Half a Life” (2001) Number of likes: @@@@@

Richard BACH “The Brige Across Forever” (in Latvian – unfortunately I couldn’t find it in English here in Riga) Number of likes: @@@@

Erich FROMM “Psychoanalysis and Zen Buddhism” (in a very good translation into Latvian) Number of likes: @@@@@

Aleksandrs PJATIGORSKIS “Kas ir politikas filosofija” (in Latvian translated from Russian) – I am totally impressed by – makes you think also about not-thinkingness. Number of likes: @@@@@

Hugh LAURIE “The Gun Seller” (in English, but good news for all of those who want to read in Latvian this one just came out in Latvian translation). Number of likes: @@@@@


Sabine Saurugger “Theories et concepts de l’integration europeene” (in French)

Note: Likes as a @ symbol, is something I created for myself to remember how I liked the book. Max number of Likes is 5.

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