About smartBsolutions

Solutions are all we need because life is about finding them.

I hope you will find ideas for your own solutions while reading about mine.

Why SmartBsolutions? The solutions can be very different. But the best one’s are SMART. B can be all sorts of things – like BE or B as the second letter after A and the list goes on…

At one point in my life I was thinking I will have my own company (and may be I will) and that’s how this name came about, but for the time being the name will just be used here – to gather all kinds of things I do, think, feel and want to share.

About me – I studied diplomacy long time ago in Riga (BA) and in Paris (MA), then worked in human rights and then was a diplomat in Brussels for six years till 2010. Now I am taking some time off 9-5 jobs and working for myself. Enjoying the time to write, learn new things, read, translate, explore and travel from time to time.

always in search for smart solutions, 


1 Comment

  1. sann ghoniya said,

    December 17, 2012 at 8:58 am

    gud job! like your approach to life…….hope u will get success ur field…

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