Two years in Tunisia – follow-up

For some people the best time to look back and evaluate life experiences is somewhere around the end of the year. However, I have noticed that for me the time to reflect and review has always been the end of summer. Possibly, it is linked to the fact that I still think in terms of an academic year. Moreover, I have always felt like the new year for me starts around September, because even after finishing studies, the end of summer for me have always meant that a new year is about to start. There is excitement and willingness to make new plans, commitments, and resolutions.

Therefore, I have decided to write down and share some of my experiences during my two-year stay in Tunisia. I would like to share some thoughts and observations related to the political situation during the post jasmine-revolution, because I had the opportunity to live in Tunisia starting from February 2011 – right after jasmine revolution.

I experienced first hand how some of the most important changes of Tunisia’s political, economical, legal systems took place. The changes that affected the whole society and paved the way for continuous democracy development that is still taking place now.

In particular, I was privileged to be able to follow closely the reforms in the national research and higher education policy-making, as well as experience the evolution of a security related business activities in the private sector.

Unfortunately, at a time I only had limited possibilities to write and publish my observations. Now five years have passed, and it is time to look back and reflect and analyze my experiences with the view to publish several blog posts, providing a personal insight – a form of “field study” report. I will also try to share some stories about a daily life in Tunisia at a time.

You are welcome to check back here for continuation. The plan is to publish new posts every Friday, followed by summary post at the end of each month. Please, feel free to subscribe to get the new posts in your e-mail. Thank you!


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