Happy Easter

My Grandfather is my biggest hero. He is WWII veteran and the most optimistic person I know – always a “joke or two in his pocket”. When I was a child he used to make me little drawings and most of the time it was a funny head of a pig (smiling). Up to this day I don’t know – why it was a pig? Not a cat, a dog or a bird, but I guess that was his way of making even little things funny.

Now – many years later my Grandpa has started drawing again and he enjoys it very much judging by the numbers of already finished drawings. He has never attended any art’s classes, but to me his little drawings are the most precious things and I enjoy spending time with him and checking out his latest creations every time I visit.

Let me share with you one of his Easter drawings and wish you all – Happy Easter!

Easter rabbit drawing
Easter rabbits and drawing by V.Z.

Easter card – my Grandfather’s creation – and two white rabbits that year after year show up in hour home to bring Easter eggs colored according to Latvian tradition by boiling them in water with onion skins (as seen in this photo below – this year our home rabbits where lazy so I am borrowing some of my best friend’s creations to illustrate how artistic and amazing non-artificial Easter egg coloring can be).

Easter eggs, onion skin colors
Easter eggs colored with onion skins


Sunny greetings from Limburg,


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