solution is needed asap

We, all of us we need a solution asap to avoid what just happened in Norway, so that it never ever repeats!

We are the world, and we should join our hands and hearts and minds and find out how to protect ourselves and our children, how to eliminate all the possibilities for someone to commit such a terror again. The anger and sadness and feeling helpless to know that this could take place now in modern times, in democratic world were freedom and human rights is what we stand for.

Nothing and nobody must stop us to find the way out of this and create a society where safety and freedom go hand in hand and where everybody’s life is the most valuable thing. To get rid of guns and explosives would be the first solution, that if we are realistic of course would never take place. Unfortunately.

All my love and thoughts and prayers for those we lost and their loved ones, families and friends,we are all Norvegians. Let’s be strong for the sake of those who lost their lifes…

Signe Martišūne

help each other to be strong
help each other to be strong

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