Research and Innovation Commissioner visits Latvia – 6th of July 2011

Finally – some good news for Latvian Research Community – Research and Innovation Commissioner Máire Geoghegan-Quinn visits Latvia on 6th of July 2011.

As the first and only Latvian Science Attache to the EU I am very happy about such a visit and I wish could be there and provide my input.

But as I am not able to attend this most important event, here are my comments/questions from a distance:

  • Latvia’s reprepresentation within ERA decisive bodies like for example Research Working Party of the Council, as well as SFIC and different CREST bodies is certainly weekend as of January 2010, when the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia decided to delete the position of the Science Attache.
  • So, I would love to ask what would be Commissioner’s reaction and/or comment to the fact that Latvia (almost only of the EU Member States) has no diplomatic position of Science/research/innovation Attache in Brussels? Dear, Commissioner, do you think that a country is able to assume the Presidency in the field of Research and Innovation without a proper level representation in Brussels?
  • And on a more positive note – what are COM plans regarding the participation of “smaller” Members of ERA within new Research and Innovation programme after 2013? Are you considering some specific measures for those countries that right now are facing serious problems regarding the number of projects in all the EU Research programmes?

Hoping to read more follow-up information about Commissioner’s visit to Riga on EU RTD pages or somewhere else,


the one and only (ex) Science Attache of Latvia to the EU (Brussels) Mrs Signe Martišūne 4th of July 2011

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