things to learn from CATS

We could learn things from cats:

Stretching after just waking up (and from time to time during the day)

Having a structured day plan – eat, drink milk, play, sleep a good three hours per day, eat again, drink water and play

Be curious about things around us – they can sit and admire just a shadow of a tree or flower or fix on a flying mosquito for un bon moment

Keep ourselves clean at all times

three cats I love stretching
three cats, I love, stretching

Sharpen our nails every day (well, maybe not every day but often enough to be ready to use them if need be)

Be friendly and nice to each other (at least my little ones – brother and sister are very kind to each other except of course the play time when teeth and nails are used quite a bit)

Stay calm just to relax without sleeping – stretched on the floor when it is really hot or sitting in a comfortable position 

Avoid trouble – mine are trained and know that the Trouble is on the table (where all our documents and electronics are) as well as n our bedroom (where they are not allowed)

To curl up and sleep (or just relax eyes half-open)

And last but not least – keep things simple!


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