ERA and T/D and I/D research evaluation

One thing that I am working on right now is – to find out what are the problems with ERA and transdisciplinary (T/D) and interdisciplinary (I/D) research projects evaluation at present?

Any ideas? Please, feel free to comment and direct me to articles or studies about this issue. Thank you very much in advance! I will be very happy to hear your personal experiences as well!

I have of course some of my own observations – mainly regarding EURAB analysis of the situation and the latest developments withing the political documents of the EU. However the political side of the issue is not the most important one, even if it influences everything else – implementation, money attribution etc.

What I really would like to understand is – what are the real issues and real problems of the scientific community in Europe (or worldwide) once they decide to move towards more T/D and I/D research approaches – is everything there for them to implement and be productive in those fields – no matter would it be biotechnologies or medicine or space related applied research projects.

I promise to up-date you on my findings as I am getting ready for a more serious analysis and my policy paper.

wishing you all a very productive day,



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