Latvia and ERA

Today on 23rd of May 2011 I happened to visit this EU website on Green Paper consultation progresss. Great page and lots of interesting opinions from various (most of) EU countries.

And of course – no surprise – one of the few countries that has not submitted anything yet is – LATVIA!

Once again – the proof to the fact that the decision to cut the position of the Science Attache in Brussels in december 2009 was more that foolish! But then again – why should I care…  

It is the country who decides, more precisely – few officials in the Ministry of Education and Science who decide for the whole scientific community. Just a thougth – was research community in Latvia consulted when the decision to cut the Science Attache position was taken? As far as I know – the answer is ‘”no”. I am not surprised, because I know what they would have said.

And I thank them all from all my heart for being so supportive and appreciative for my work. I do hope that our cooperation was helpful and there were several practial things that got improved or changed. (I hope these are not all lost in vain as of 2010.01.) 

Good luck and have a great week!


P. S. …if the country keeps dealing with ERA issues like it is done now – there will be no serious place for our research in the ERA pretty soon..just a concern of a true patriot of Latvian Research… hoping that there will be someone who will listen and take the right decisions soon…


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