how about injustice…?

really – how about this very strong word “injustice”? And how about your feelings when you hear it?

Me – it is really simple – it makes me feel like going and doing something about it! Specially in cases like mine when injustice is done to me by the state, sorry by one institution of this state. Just realized that a person that was put as a replacement for my former Science Attache position (merging both science and education) has got a promotion!!! The thing that I have been asking and figthing for – telling my superiors for last three years that I don’t need the money rise that comes with it but just the acknowledgment of my intensive/active and high level performance!!! The answer has always been that it is not possible! And here you – I am out (still haven’t receivend any money!! that has to be payed to me related to the liquidation of my post) – and it turns out to be possible! How about them apples? Of course I am angry actually more than angry. However even if I want to do something about it – I guess right now there is not much I can do. Is there? The rules and norms and decisions ar made by the people in the ministries and not by us, people who really work for the sake of our country. It might sound pathetic – but still injustice is done and there is nothing that can stop it. And that in itself is injust!

With warmest greetings from Riga (+35 C) Signe


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