should I feel any different?

Today is 4th of May. Even my Belgian agenda says – Declaration of Independence Day (Latvia). Well I was wondering should I feel any different today? May be. May be I should be in the center of town – where our Freedom Monument is, may be I should have been among those 100 Members of our Parliament Saeima who will have their meeting today in the Opera house? May be I should be with my family and have a nice meal and watch some festive events broadcasted on TV? May be I should be in the church?

But here I am at my desk (red and round corners), working on some e-mails, my Phd, presentation for school children that I am supposed to do on 6th of May about European Union, couple of e-mails and this entry. I guess being uneployed for me means working as hard as I can to get a job. Not any job, but a job that would allow me to work for my country and be at best in what I can do.

Best of wishes to all of you and happy Independence declaration day those who feel/are like Latvians!


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