How Integrated is Latvian Society?

Today I had a great pleasure to take part in the openning of the book “How Integrated is Latvian Society?”. Editor Nils Muižnieks was giving a very interesting introduction about the main findings of this study and well surprise, surprise the main conclusion is that our society is not so well integrated. 20 years down the road and we could expect much more on all the levels of integration – citizenship, media, social policy.

The event was well attended and it was very interesting for me to meet with all the excellent integration experts after not being in touch for several years. Good to see how things develop and that there is permanent follow-up regarding all the aspects of integration not only ethnic but also political and social. Discussions after the presentation were quite active and couple of more aspects to focus on in the future were identified. But in conclusion I was happy to hear that society in itself has good integration methods that are not directly related to what is done at the political level. And my personal experience last week attending ISMA music festival for kids that took place in Kongresu nams and was presented in three languages – Latvian, Russian, English proves that some things are better left outside the scope of laws, political guidelines and papers!

Let me thank the authors for their excellent work and wish good continuation!


former and may be future integration expert (mainly languages and media)


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