our press is doing good

Just finished reading Marta and last week was reading both Ir the 1st and the 2nd and also Una and Santa.. And I must admitt they are doing one really good thing – not new but really good – there is lots of positive news – articles about people doing what they have to do no matter what and regardless The Crisis. Even if I know why news and artciles like that are popular now – I can only say – they work. At least for me.

The situation of not having a job and not knowing when I will have one is not an easy one. And up till this year I have never been in a situation like this more that three months. This time I guess it will be a bit longer. One of the reasons is also the fact that I would like to have a position that is adequate for my education and experience and also allows me at least to pay the living bills. I will keep looking and trying and if you hear of something related to Research policy and managament or consulting, please let me know!

Lots of sunny wishes,


Me after DESS


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