meeting a politically aware lady

Strange things happened to me yesterday. I canceled meeting with two people. and on my way to one official institution (reason for the canelation of the previously mentioned meeting) while waiting for the bus I started chatting with an older Latvian lady. Usual stuff – she said that politicians are bad, russians are taking over etc. But what was interesting she mentioned that now – all russian media in Latvia ar calling our Parliament not Saeima (proper word in Latvian) but Seim (in cyrilic) – lady was really angry that this is happening – regardless the fact that the whole conversation started by her agressing all 100 member of Saeima we have, she ended by saying that it is her Parliament and that the name is Saeima and nobody has the right to change it !!! Even more she said that the linguistic form is changed too – from feminine to masculine! So she was very upset and she said that all media that are using this wrong word has to punished!!!

On my side I would like to add – another element is that we are changing foreign names of persons in Latvian according to our Language legislation. So, there is always two sides of the coin.

Excellent meeting ! Of course I had to smile a little – but amongst other things she reminded me that “Latvia is the cultural superpower ! ” She said that we have so many artists, musicians etc. as well as excellent science and that I should go and tell all those important people that I am meeting about this! So, let me start by saying this here. And then she added to say hello “from one crazy old lady!”



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