reading for my Phd

Major part of my Phd research right now ir reading. And I enjoy it very much. It is really hard to find time for that regardless the fact that I don’t have to go to job – there are still so many unresolved issues and they eat up most of my time.

However yesterday I spent couple of hours reading Sabine Saurugger “Theories et concepts de l’integration europeenne” (SciencePo Les Presses; 2009). I have the luxury to be fluent in french. And I would like to thank the author for her great work with this compilation of everything one has to know about the development of European integration theories. Excellent work I must say. Easy to understand, gives plenty of references for more reading and at least for me right now it is a perfect tool for finding my own way and theory to be used to analyse European Research Area. Love it.

Then yeserday had a chance to exchange latest news and couple of serious thoughts about Latvian research policy and mainly its representation now after science attache position has been liquidated in Brussels. Nothing positive and lots of things to be worried about. But that of course only if you care about it. And I do. One one hand I feel sad and hopless on the other hand it gives me hope that there is place for a change in future. One should understand at one point that it was a big mistake. But I guess there is nothing much I can do about it right now. It is all left in the hands of Ministry and administration. I can only hope on some reason and logic and a real concern about our research policy interests being represented adequatly withing EU.

Wishing you all a happy Easter! Lots of sun and plenty of coloured eggs to fight with Latvian style!



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