move is a very interesting thing – one one hand you are ready for it but on the other – it will still take you by surprise… things like – I will not walk down this street again soon, or I will not meet with these people any soon or…

most important I guess is to let all of these emotions in and feel them and deal with them one by one

I took some photos of Ixelles today – kind of a memory. but the best memories will stay in my brain or heart. six years is not much but still is serioursly long time to start feeling that I belong here.

the most difficult part is to get used to the fact that I don’t have to go to work every day … that I don’t have to get ready every sunday for another “little fight” on Monday… that there is no documents to read for work or e-mails to sort out and transfer… or solutions to be found…

well, solutions are still on the top of my agenda because move is not an easy thing…

spring greetings from Ixelles (+15)



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