from saturday to sunday

mornings are made of gold. and i worship them.

some say that a good sleep solves any problems. it does. but the problem is that more problems you have less sleep you can afford. however in my case even 4hours is good enough and waking up always gives new solutions or just a different perspective towards old ones.

yeserday afternoon I met two very good old friends and I would like to thank them for all the real and moral support they are giving me! it really made my day and will help. so, my suggestion is don’t be “Latvian shy” – talk and ask and there will always be people that will help. once again a big thank you to both of you!!!

i am right now in the middle of writing a very importan paper. it asks for concentration and the highest level of responsability and accountability. two things that our politicians and administration may be know about but don’t necessaraly have on the top of their value list. regardless the fact that each ministry have their own code of ethics and so do most of the political parties, there is a total lack of these principles when it comes down to real life.  The only way to change  this would be to start with schools of course. But then again what can you expect from the education system that is put under long lasting stress and uncertainties be it school directors, teachers or kids themselves and their parents.

we had to study history of religions at my school back in the mid of 90ties and it gave me a solid basis to develop my own values and also to go further and join a church sunday school for two years.

I passed by my church in Riga yesterday (after 10 years) and I was happy to see that at least from outside nothing has changed and it even looks better – nice and clean and renovated. one thing I noticed was new to me – it has actually so many doors – entrance, tower, then back and both sides. as far as I know only two of those are actually used, but it kind of makes me feel good that there are several… i would love to be more active and go to listen to services, but times are not easy and mainly there is not time for spiritual life at all. which of course is just an excuse. but I always find a time for Our Father during the day and always when passing by a church. anyone. SMBS


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