saturday of snow

yesterday I hoped snow will not melt in Riga. well it did not. on the contrary we had lots of it. and even more outside the town. one hour drive in excellent company and here I was on the top of the world. of course it is not austria or france but it was very very good. excellent service and even more – friendly and very helpful people – i even got a headache pill from a lady in a cafe and a cup of great coffe that I enjoyed outside in the sun. and some friendly comment from a senior skier (72 and perfectly fit and fast on the slopes) that I should quit smoking. true. but still too much stress to do it now. but i will.

i am now at 10 per day average. which is a lot. and want to drop to 5 at least. if you have ideas on how to do it, please share them with me. i will listen. all i know i can not do it all at once: fight the system of no rule of law and no fair treatment of individuals and also have no smokes 😉

i suggest you all try to get out there in the forests and Latvian mountains and at least take a good bit of fresh air and enjoy the sun. there is more of it comming.

all the best to you signe


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